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Grants of up to € 5,000 for cross-border colaboration and technology transfer between R&D-performing organisations in industry and science along the 'Fehmarnbelt-Öresund corridor' are still available in Denmark.

The initiative is closed in Sweden and Germany. Funds are still available to Danish applicants for cooperation with a partner in northern Germany, or Region Skåne.
Please contact Elias Zafirakos at Biopeople.

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FBÖ TransTechTrans DATES

15 May 2015

Next deadline for proposals

Since the beginning of 2015 funds are only available in Denmark.
Proposals can be submitted continuously.

5 May 2015

FBÖ TransTechTrans Conference – Concluding the pilot phase

The FBÖ TransTechTrans Conference concluding the pilot phase took place in Lübeck on May 5, 2015.

Beneficiaries talked about their experience with the FBÖ funding initiative.
Cluster strategies from Region Skåne, Denmark, and Schleswig-Holstein were compared.

Invitation and Programme

Greeting - IHK zu Lübeck

Minutes of conference

Presentations Part 1 - Funded Projects

FBÖ TransTechTrans Initiative - IHK zu Lübeck

Project DanPET (SE) - Riget (DK)

Project Follicum (SE) - UKSH (DE)

Project nandatec (DE) - RedGlead (SE)

Projects with Danish participation

Project nandatec (DE) - DCGB (DK)

Presentations Part 2 - Cluster Strategies in the Region

Region Skåne Strategy

Danish Strategy

Schleswig-Holstein Strategy

27 Jun. 2013

FBÖ TransTechTrans Kick-off

Life Science events in the
Fehmarnbelt-Öresund corridor

19 Jun. 2015

Inverkehrbringen von Produkten auf den deutschen Markt / Marketing Authorisation for Products in Germany (in German)
Venue: IHK zu Lübeck

10-11 Sep. 2015

6th Annual Meeting - Industrial Cell Technology
Venue: Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology (Fraunhofer EMB, Lübeck)

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15 Sep. 2015

LSA2015 - Lübeck 2015 Summer Academy on Medical Technology
Venue: Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology (Fraunhofer EMB, Lübeck)
Contact: hermsmeyer@ihk.luebeck.de

 F.F.M. LSN Logo BioMedTec Campus Logo

16-18 Sep. 2015

BMT2015 - Biomedical Technology/Biomedical Engineering
49th Annual Conference of the German Society for Biomedical Engineering within VDE
Venue: BioMedTec Science Campus (Lübeck)
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Opportunities to find a cross-border partner for YOUR FBÖ TransTechTrans proposal are:
- to participate in a Life Science event in the FBÖ corridor

- to become member of the FBÖ TransTechTrans LinkedIn group and search its members

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