The initiative is open to accept proposals from 1 Jul. 2013 for one year, or until funding resources of the initiative are used up (whatever will come first). A jury decides upon acceptance and rejection of proposals. Details are described in the FBÖ TransTechTrans Cooperation Agreement (CA), Terms of Reference (ToR) and application forms, available in the Download section (right).


Malmö (Sweden) - Erika Medin

Malmö (Sweden)
Organisations based in the county of Skåne (Sweden)
submit their proposals via e-mail to

Erika Medin

+46 40-6753466
Region Skåne, Näringsliv Skåne
Dockplatsen 26
205 25 Malmö


Copenhagen (Denmark) - Elias Zafirakos

Copenhagen (Denmark)
Organisations based in either Region Hovedstaden or
Region Sjælland submit their proposals via e-mail to

Elias Zafirakos

+45 2875 6577
Københavns Universitet
Universitetsparken 2
2100 København Ø


Lübeck (Germany) - Dirk Hermsmeyer

Lübeck (Germany)
Organisations based in the district of Industrie- und
Handelskammer zu Lübeck (Germany) submit submit
their proposals via e-mail to

Dirk Hermsmeyer

c/o IHK zu Lübeck
Fackenburger Allee 2
D-23554 Lübeck / Deutschland